Luna Beau
"Her sentences were icebergs, with just the tip of her thought coming out of her mouth, and the rest kept up in her head, which I was starting to think was more and more beautiful the longer I looked at her."
— Gregory Galloway, As Simple As Snow (via larmoyante)

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Balance And Composure @ Ritual, January 17, 2013
35mm film
please keep the credit

Getty Center by Richard Meier

i hate the beach
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I love the way everything looks when the sky is overcast

・゜*  plants ・゜*


you said you hate yourself
so let me feed you strawberries off a plate i bought from a widow who was selling her husbands things
and we’ll see if you still hate yourself
if you still hate yourself
i’ll eat you out for an hour in your room cause i love giving head
if you still hate yourself
we’ll cut ourselves and swallow chunks of broken glass i don’t care about finishing college
i’ll buy the biggest tv that my credit card allows me we’ll watch the food network for the rest of our lives

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By far one of the most amazing few days of the summer.
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